L.A TAN is celebrating over 20-years of tanning superiority!

Over two decades, the name on the sign may have changed, but the people behind Yonge & Eglinton’s premiere tanning salon have remained consistent.   We are dedicated to providing the best in customer service, with Smart Tan Certified tanning professionals here to guide you through your tanning journey.

Responsible Tanning and Education

L.A. TAN supports responsible Smart Tan practices. All of our staff are trained and industry certified Smart Tan Professionals. Our clients deserve the very best, so we believe in employee training and continued education to educate clients about the responsible way to tan, both indoors and outdoors.

Joint Canadian Tanning Association

Sun exposure, like air water and food, is natural and necessary to human life. The JCTA’s vision is that all Canadians learn to correctly embrace ultraviolet and sunshine as part of a healthy lifestyle – one which acknowledges that moderate ultraviolet light exposure, when experienced in a non-burning fashion, is the smartest way to maximize the potential benefits of UV light while minimizing the manageable potential risks associated with either too much or too little light. The JCTA created Professional Standards which we adhere to protect our clients from overexposure. These Standards include Industry Certified Staff, Skin Typing every client, control of the equipment to make sure you get the correct exposure. As a member we go exceed all government regulations.