Red Light Therapy

That’So 42 Collagen BodyWave

2 in 1 skin Photo-Rejuvenation and Body Shaping Treatment

That’So 42 Collagen BodyWave is the first aesthetic machine providing a total body re-juvenating skin treatment (Collagen Activator 633 nm Light Tubes) and slimming treatment (Beauty Vibro Plate).


RED LIGHT THERAPY Photo-Rejuvenation

Collagen Activator 633nm are specific tubes designed to emit a very narrow frequency band focused on 633 nm. Instead of other technologies for skin re-juvenation (Laser, IPL), photo-stimulation by Collagen Activator 633 nm tubes works without temperature increase and without damaging any tissue. Emitted light is red, athermic and suitable for all kinds of skin.


* Stimulates the body’s own production of collagen

* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

* Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

* Skin becomes visibly clearer, brighter and smoother



Beauty Vibro Plate PLUS works at low hertz and the oscillating base stimulates your body’s microcirculation and enhances the effect of photo-stimulation. The plate’s frequency can be set to offer you an Anticellulite, Slimming or Toning treatment, according to your needs.


* Feel the slimming and toning effects of the Vibro Plate

* Reduces the appearance of cellulite

* Increase skin moisture and elasticity

* Enjoy a soothing session and simply feel good in your skin